E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

19. Notes . All communications, receivables or other communications that must or wish to be published by one party in this document are submitted in written form and are forwarded or made valid to another party if it is served in person or requested in the U.S. POST, authenticated or registered, paid in advance. If such a notification or request is served in person, it is considered constructive at the time of this personal benefit. When such notification, request or other notification is sent by mail, this communication is ultimately considered valid five days after filing in the U.S. mail to the party, to which such notification, request or other information must be sent as follows: This form serves only to illustrate and probably contains all the terms necessary for the parties to reflect the realities of their particular situation. For example, it may be useful to include a competition or compensation provision or to extend the provisions relating to intellectual property rights, representations or guarantees. A lawyer can help ensure that all important conditions are included in the agreement.

1.1 Power level. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Company is maintained by the Client to provide the professional services listed in Schedule “A” which are attached to this agreement as a reference, known as “services.” The customer may, but is not required to instruct the company to perform additional services on mutually agreed terms and by an endorsement written in Appendix “A” of this agreement. 6.4 Insurance/authorization. The company must assume appropriate responsibility, ownership, work allowance, umbrella insurance and other insurance of this type and an amount generally borne by persons engaged in similar activities in the same type of business, except in all cases where other types of insurance or higher amounts are required of the client. On request, the company provides the customer with a certificate (s) of insurance that is the same. The entity assures, guarantees and obliges the client to have and/or maintain all authorizations, licenses, authorizations and other authorizations necessary to carry out its obligations under this agreement. This agreement is entered into on the date between [ABC companies headquartered in the company) and [the name of service provider XYZ] (hereafter referred to as “contractor”).


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