E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

This document, presented by some real estate agents, should be indiscriminately qualified as an offer to buy, a unilateral sale contract or simply a price offer and should be treated with caution. Its main feature is to hire the buyer and not the seller. The seller must inform you within the time frame and in the form prescribed in the offer (usually by recommended letter and acknowledgement) with the offer. If he accepts the offer in writing, the sale is theoretically considered rounded. On the other hand, you can withdraw perfectly if the seller makes you a counter-offer or if he does not respond to you within the allotted time. Buyer of a new or old home, sign a pre-contract, unilateral agreement: you have a period of ten days (irreducible) during which you can reconsider your commitment (by letter recommended with acknowledgement). We are often surprised at how the final decision on the sale/purchase of a property worth several hundred thousand euros can depend on whether or not the stove or carpet is included in the price. So be warned, while the option may be available for several months, after ten days, you may lose the down payment if you decide not to continue later. The seller can also force the sale.

If the faucets are to be left in the property, then an advantage of the inventory of these objects in the sales contract is that their value can be reduced from the purchase price of the property, which in turn reduces the amount of taxes and taxes taxable Are you signing a preliminary contract? This is called the “pre-contract.” The preliminary contract and the sales contract are two contracts with different consequences for the buyer and seller. The buyer is required to pay a down payment of up to 10% when signing the sales and sale contract, although a lower amount is quite legal. Whatever your reason, the sums you paid must be reimbursed in full. This retraction period runs from the day after the surrender (or the signature of the deed, if it is held by the notary) in the case of a sales contract concluded in the authentic form or the first presentation of the recommended letter with acknowledgement containing the pre-contract, in the case of a private signature. Buyers and sellers can write it themselves on paper or with standard contracts. However, the clauses of the contract are of great importance, the final contract contains them in theory, it is recommended to entrust the drafting to a professional (your notary) who is required to inform both parties. The cost of drafting the preliminary contract is included in the real estate agent`s commission or in the notary`s fee to sign the final sale. The buyer is entitled to a 10-day cooling-off period after the signing of the sales and sale agreement. It is not available to the seller bound by the terms of the contract. A sale compromise is what can generally be considered a purchase and sale contract, since there is a clear bilateral obligation.

During this period, it is forbidden to abandon the sale or offer the property to another buyer.


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