E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

The property is sold to the buyer “as we shall see.” The property is sold in the property at the time of signing the contract and delivered to the buyer. It should be noted that the sale on an “as is” basis does not allow the seller to disclose the existence of unauthorized changes or structures regarding the property. If the buyer does not accept these unauthorized structures/modifications, the buyer may, on this basis, challenge the ownership of the property. Under the Stamp Duty Regulation (Cap.117) (SDO), the seller and/or buyer may be liable for the payment of AVD, BSD and SSD for the acquisition and disposal of real estate. Payments of AVD, BSD and SSD are not mutually exclusive. When stamp duty is paid on the sale and purchase agreement, the stamp duty of 100 HK must be paid on the assignment. The property is sold to the buyer or to its nominees or sub-buyers without charges, unless otherwise stated in the contract. In general, expenses or other debts are subject to the property. Common examples of charges are mortgages, fees, fees, fee orders, etc.

These should be defused by the seller after or before completion, unless the seller and buyer expressly agree otherwise in the interim agreement. On the day of completion, the buyer hands over the balance of the purchase price against a duly executed transfer document (also known as the deed of transfer). All other title deeds and access opportunities (for example. B the key) are delivered to the buyer, unless the property is purchased by a mortgage, in which case the title deeds are made available to the buyer`s mortgage. Facts The purchaser (“plaintiff”) signed the contract to purchase a property (“property”) on May 3, 2011 and gave an order from a cashier constituting the first surety to the real estate agent (“real estate agent”) who participated in the negotiation of the terms of the sale and sale of the person concerned. The agreement was signed by the applicant in a personal capacity, while Ms. Lau (“Lau”), one of the defendant`s directors, signed the defendant`s rounded rubber rib to various positions to which the defendant was to subscribe. However, on May 4, 2011, the real estate agent informed the purchaser that the transaction was to be cancelled because another director of the defendant, Ms.

Lai (“Lai”), did not agree with the sale of the property. Accordingly, the applicant opened these proceedings to claim compensation corresponding to the amount of the original surety against the defendant, in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. The special conditions agreed between the parties must be specified in the agreement, z.B if the purchase price contains a list of furniture or if the seller allows the buyer to enter the property before the completion of the decoration, or if the seller or buyer must bear the costs of repairing/renovating public spaces or facilities required by an order/notification issued by the competent authority or registered owners before completion. As a seller, you should disclose to the buyer the charges against the property if there are any, such as: The real estate broker/agent arranges for the listing and display of the property.


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