E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

Vastar states on appeal that it became a party to the JOA on December 19, 1997, when Unocal transferred its interest in Vastar. Duncan acknowledges that Vastar is a party of the JOA. Vastar argues that the term “other parties” contains an assignee and allows Vastar to vote on the selection of a new operator, otherwise 39.34895 per cent of the professional interest would not be included in the selection of the new operator, since he is the trader`s assignee, while all other interests of the work would be taken into account. Duncan acknowledges that he is also an agent of the JOA, but that his interest did not come from the operator. Duncan argues that the term “other parties” means all parties to the agreement, with the exception of the operator and its assignee. We do not agree. NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)-HCA (NYSE:HCA) today announced an agreement with the University Hospitals Authority and Trust (UHAT) to prematurely terminate The Children`s Hospital`s HCA leasing at Oklahoma University Medical Center, as well as a joint enterprise agreement. In addition, HCA will transfer ownership of its hospital operations in Oklahoma to a UHAT subsidiary, including the University of Oklahoma Medical Center and OUMC Edmond. AAPL recently released a major update to its Joint Enterprise Agreement on Model Forms, which serves as a key contract to define the operational framework and rights and responsibilities between the parties to the development of oil and gas companies.

The provisions of the new JOA 610-2015 form and its differences from previous agreements are essential for operators, non-operators and investors. “For nearly 20 years, we have been working with our UHAT partners to provide quality service and improve service delivery to Oklahoma City`s largest community,” said Sam Hazen, HCA Chief Operating Officer. “We believe this relationship has been a good example of how a public institution and a private institution can work together to improve overall performance. We wish them good luck in their future efforts. As part of the agreement, HCA will receive $750 million. The transaction is subject to certain regulatory conditions and approvals and is expected to be completed in the first half of 2017. “The operator may, at any time, withdraw from its obligations and obligations as an operator, after written notification of at least ninety (90) days that have been granted to all other parties. In this case, all contracting parties choose by a majority, not in numbers, a new operator who will assume responsibility and obligations and who will have the rights that the operator is bound by this agreement. The outgoing operator provides his successor with all the documents and information necessary to fulfil his obligations and obligations by the new operator. 2 The interests of the operator and non-operators are subject to a Joint Operating Contract (JAA) of September 23, 1976. The JOA is a pre-printed form designed and published by the American Association of Petroleum Countries (AAPL) and this JOA is commonly known as the AAPL Form 610 Model Form Operating Agreement – 1956. On December 19, 1997, Unocal sold its stake in the Ellis Unit to Vastar. On February 2, 1998, Duncan was advised that Unocal had transferred his interest in the unit to Vastar. Both Vastar and Duncan held elections for a new operator under their respective interpretations of the JOA.

Duncan`s electoral process did not include Vastar or Unocal, as Duncan felt that the terms of the JOA excluded filmmakers and dentens from voting.


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