E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

The Collective Agreement on Computer Systems (CS) was signed on March 5, 2018. Changes to the new agreement will come into effect that day. NRC has 120 days to implement the new collective agreement. Bargaining Partners: UNIFOR Collective Agreement Airtime: June 30, 2022 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitrator The transfer point is when the purchaser accepts the agreement. If we are satisfied with the transfer of the buyer, we send a contract offer to the purchaser. The purchaser must sign the transfer declaration and send it back to us. We will then send a new agreement to the purchaser. The purchaser must confirm its agreement. When a holder of a country air management agreement (CS) wishes to transfer all or part of the country (vector) to another person (ceding) as part of its agreement, the purchaser has the choice to continue the management of the options under the CS agreement on the transferred parcels. A CS contract transfer can be made if a change in occupancy or ownership is due to: The main difference between a CS and HP contract is that you become the rightful owner of the vehicle once all refunds have been made to the lender, where, as with HP, it is possible to purchase a tax at the end of the contract before legally owning the vehicle. Cases where the SBI remains the same.

We can always make CS payments to the current SBI as long as there is an executor. If the recipient has received a new SBI, this means a transfer of contract. Capital subsidy agreements are not transferable. Unclaimed capital positions in a multi-year CS contract may be transferred. These are different from normal credit contracts because under the CS and HP agreements, you don`t own the car until you pay for the contract. an existing contract holder, when it is not necessary to be transferred. When transferring a CS contract, the ceding and assigning may be or include the same people with whom they are registered under different SBIs (for example. B when a business is restructured).

An interim agreement was reached for the CS Group on 20 November 2017. The ratification packages will be sent soon to all members. Highlights of the Attempt Agreement Economic Increases Total compensation for all groups of…


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