E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

In order to coordinate the party`s foreign policy, consultations are held regularly on issues of mutual interest, including international issues. The senior contracting parties establish relations as friendly states, systematically based on the principles of mutual respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, the peaceful settlement of disputes and the non-use of violence or threats of violence, including economic and diverse pressures, equality and non-interference in domestic affairs. , respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, respect for universally recognized obligations and other norms of international law. The objective of the consolidation of general peace and international cooperation, based on the desire to establish intergovernmental relations on the basis of mutual understanding, justice, equality and non-interference in internal affairs, is not, in most cases, based on an equal partnership. This is especially true for treaties between Aboriginal nations and colonizers, both in America and in the Pacific during the colonial era. These treatises, often written mainly in the language of the colonist, manipulated the terminology of friendship by the greatest powers to create an environment of trust, first and foremost for the good of themselves. While treaties promise protection in exchange for these benefits, they are more subtle means of accessing the resources needed to commercially exploit small nations. [1] The parties will approve, in their mutual interest, the principles and procedures for sharing control facilities in the aerospace field as well as other means of technical control. The senior contracting parties, which reaffirm their willingness to commit themselves together on the path of reducing the armed forces and weapons, including nuclear weapons, will promote the disarmament process and cooperate coherently in the area of the reduction of the armed forces and armaments, in view of the commitment made by the Republic of Kazakhstan to accede to the Non-Proliferation Treaty , July 1, 1968, as a non-nuclear State Party. Prior to the conclusion of the nuclear weapon from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the parties will cooperate to ensure the safe operation of the weapon. Due to the uncertain status of Finnish-Soviet relations in the years following the War of Recognition and the exact interpretation of the treaty text, Finland followed the decision of the Warsaw Pact countries and did not participate in the Marshall Plan. As a result, Finland`s post-war period extended to other European capitalist countries, becoming much more economically dependent on the Soviet Union. In general, Finland has officially maintained its relations with Western military powers (including the Scandinavian Defence Union proposal) and NATO in particular.

By avoiding support for the West, it tried to fend off Soviet pressure on membership of the Warsaw Pact. There have never been any joint military exercises and other military cooperation has been minimal despite the occasional progress of the Soviet Union. Considering that the strengthening of friendship, neighbourhood, cooperation and mutual assistance between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan is comment with the radical national interests of the people of both States, serves the cause of peace and security, and the obligation to respect the rules of international law, first and foremost the goals and principles set out in the united Nations statute , and in accordance with the commitments made under the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, each of the parties renounces to participate or support any action or action against other contracting parties and does not consider that its territory has been used to prepare or carry out acts of aggression or other acts of violence against other contracting parties. , and also consults on the possibility of assisting third states in the event of armed conflict between these States and other parties by the contracting party.


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