E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

7.2. Receiving debts. The administrator may, at any time after the late or acceleration event, inform each recipient in writing, require that the claims be paid directly to the administrative officer for the benefit of the secured parties. In this case, each grantor must give the administrative officer the opportunity to grant the administrative officer`s interests to debtors or debtors without delay in the debts that belong to the lender of the board of directors, and to induce those debtors or debtors to pay directly to the administrative officer any amount payable in connection with these claims. Upon receipt of such notification by the administrative officer, each grantor then trusts, on behalf of the guaranteed parties, the administrative officer, all the amounts and revenues he has received with respect to receivables and other security and, subsequently, the administrative officer, in the form they receive, all the amounts and revenues collected. , cash, cheque, design or other, with all the necessary mentions. Asks the administrative officer to demand a first-rate and sophisticated security interest and, if applicable, the control of the security held by this grantor, subject to the links authorized in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.02 of the credit contract, provided that it is not considered an agreement for any of the administrative officer`s links in the context of the credit documents of all credit documents that are otherwise authorized in accordance with the Section 6.02 of the credit contract. These funding statements may describe the security in the same way as those described here, or may contain an indication or description of security describing that property in another way, as the management officer may, at his sole discretion, consider it necessary, informed or prudent to ensure that security interest in the safeguards granted to the administrative officer is granted here. , including, without limitation, this quality of “all of the debtor`s assets, whether they are now in possession or acquired below and wherever they are, including all memberships and revenues.” Each grantor takes all necessary measures to defend the ownership of the security belonging to this grantor against all persons and to defend the interest of the administrative officer for the security of these guarantees and the priority of those guarantees against Lien, which are not expressly authorized in this document or as part of a loan document; provided that it is understood and agreed that no grantor is required to obtain bailee or leaseee waiver at the place where the inventory is stored. “share rights,” all securities, dividends, instruments or other distributions as well as any other rights or rights that grantor may receive or receive for any reason, as a substitute or in exchange for interest on capital constituting security, a right to an interest and any right to the profit to which a grantor now has or , later, acquired a right. issued by an issuer of these securities.


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