E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One

(iii) Other foreign governments (including Canadian government organizations with the exception of the PSPC) and international organizations send their requests for contract management services to doD Central Control Point (CCP) at the defence Contract Management Agency, International and Federal Business Team headquarters. Contract management offices provide services only at the request of the central counterparty. The central counterparty follows the procedures of PGI 242.002 (S-70) (iii). (iii) departments and agencies must pay for services provided by non-DD activities, foreign governments or international organizations, unless contractual agreements are otherwise required. (ii) departments and agencies may request a waiver from the reimbursement policy of b) (i) in this section. A motion must show that an exception is in the best interests of the government. CCC – 307 These certification clauses were used in agreements before the 4.4.2017 GIA – 101 Interagency Agreements before 06.09.2010. Previous versions included in previous agreements can be viewed in the archive section below. (A) quality assurance, contract management and audit services provided under a free reciprocal agreement; (S-70) (i) Foreign governments and international organizations may request contract management services for their direct purchases from U.S. producers. Direct purchase is the purchase of defense equipment in the United States through commercial channels for use by the foreign government or international organization. (ii) PWGSC, which works as a PSPC, is entitled to direct contract management requests to the contract management office.

. (C) Quality Assurance Applications for the Canadian Department of Defence and Pricing Services for Public Construction and Government Services in Canada (PWGSC), which are active as utilities and programs in Canada (PSPC). . . . All contractual documents archived on this site may be provided in other formats as appropriate accommodation for a person with a disability. To discuss how to obtain a copy of a document in an alternative format, please contact: (B) the services provided under subcontracts awarded by the Small Business Administration in accordance with subsection 19.8 of the FAR subsection; and short-terms and conditions. The terms and conditions for short-form contacts are currently the same as the terms and conditions for standard contracts. Please use the current version of the CGs above. CCC – 702 Temporary conditions until the CCC OLS modification – 201 and is now archived for your reference. Please note that there is no significant difference between forms other than their numbers (i.e. 201 vs.

702) that indicate their publication date on our website. During this transition period, the CCC`s core concepts, regardless of its official number, continued to be incorporated into the bulk of the CLC. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or confusion that our writing work may have caused. (i) DoD requires reimbursement of non-DD organizations at a rate set by the Minister of Defense (Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer), with the exception of -.


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